Volume 1 – Story Time Story

-Bath time ends, and towels are heated

          Come here my two monkeys, and we can be seated


-Lay down little Chi-Chi, I’ll put on your diaper

          Sure-thing Baby Doll, of course you can wipe her


-Since you’re a big girl now, please go try the potty

          Let’s wipe your nose little sweetheart, it looks a bit snotty


-Now big girl undies, go on under your gown

          Bedtime’s not sad darlings, there’s no need to frown


-Books about super heroes, choo-choos, and boats big and small

          Our imaginations run wild, with no tale too tall


-We read about bath-time, and how you’re a big sis

          One more story’s OK girls, but it will cost you one kiss


-Look Baby Doll, this dog’s big and hairy

          Don’t worry little Chi-Chi, it’s not so scary


-Lights off and stars on, oh my what a sight

          Sweet dreams little sweet hearts, and have a good night